Our Mission & Vision

Enhance Educational & Professional Expertise in Pakistan & Develop” highly skilled work force” at national & international level.

Who We Are?

Edcons Safety Institute started its business with a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals in 2004. Its team members continuously remain engaged in professional activities such as Research, Information system development, Counseling, Career guidance and Imparting. The team members remain in touch with the officials of various Universities and Institutes to keep up with the latest trends in the ever-developing field of training & human resource development. Edcons Safety Institute team members participate in meetings, conferences, seminars, symposiums and workshops in education-related fields for the improvements of their professional skills. Edcons Safety Institute remains committed to endeavor for excellence in providing the best possible services to its clients and maintain sound professional, business and financial standards. Edcons Safety Institute Educational Services provides counseling services to its clients. The Company also offers advisory and counseling services to its registered students for selection of their career path.

Why Choose Edcons Safety Institute?

Edcons Safety Institute is dynamic , goal oriented and resourceful, private limited company. It has a professional ,International and deep rooted vision. Which helping students, who desire to seek suitable Professional Education & Training, since its inception. It also upholds the interests of its Partner Institutes and Business Associates.The Company is sincerely dedicated to providing value-added services to all its clients. With Edcons Safety Institute, clients not only get personalized and customized services but also achieve their true potential. Edcons Safety Institute strives to provide its young students with comprehensive, systematic and integrated study environments, so as to create professionals of high intellectual honesty and understanding.

Our Philosophy

Clients’ Focused (Edcons Safety Institute is committed to exceed the demands and requirements of its clients with a philosophy that Clients’ satisfaction is its success and clients’ success is its satisfaction)Accountability (Edcons Safety Institute biggest asset is its professional staff who are committed to deliver the quality services and products to its clients. Individually and collectively each member of the Edcons Safety Institute family is accountable to its clients and stakeholders)Team Work (Working on the premise “One for All and all for One”, Edcons Safety Institute takes each project as a mission and excel in its job collectively)Social Responsibility (Edcons Safety Institute understands its role in society and is determined to work for the welfare of the community. It is committed to support all the endeavors of the government for the enlistment of the society)

Our Commitment

Striving to Achieve Excellence by offering Quality Services exceeding our clients’ stated and implied needs as well as overall expectations and satisfaction Exceeding regional Environmental Safety and Health Standards Optimizing our operations by re-engineering all processes continuously, adopting latest technology in IT, Project Management & Construction Engineering and following Cost Containment Strategies.Attracting, developing and retaining qualified employees, as well as ensuring employee satisfaction & loyalty towards the organization • Realizing and fulfilling our Corporate Social Responsibility consistently.Becoming a growing source of pride to our customers, shareholders, employees & their families and the country.

Our Promise

Provide Highly Skilled Professional Workforce to the Industrial Sector of Pakistan Play a strategic role in the educational and professional development of students venturing to explore academic opportunities in International Institutions.Tailor the best courses for its applicants and to provide them with excellent Professional Training in Pakistan and Abroad.Be amongst the top Quartile Educational Services Companies in Pakistan.Benefit from the valuable services of experienced local partners in order to educate students in Pakistan.Promote Pakistani youth to profit from Institutions of International standing and provide the latter with outshining students from Pakistan.Enhance the technical expertise of in-service professionals.