Control Measures To Be Taken To Reduce The Risk Of Injury To Workers From Conveyor

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Control Measures To Be Taken To Reduce The Risk Of Injury To Workers From Conveyor 

In a factory, a conveyor system is used to transfer manufactured articles to the warehouse area.

The control measures to be taken to reduce the risk of injury to workers from the conveyor?

Control measures such as:

  • The provision of guarding for transmission machinery and the intakes of belts and Drums;
  • The erection of barriers to keep workers away from the conveyor;
  • The provision Of emergency stop buttons for the system conveniently situated and easily accessible;
  • Ensuring operators are trained in the use of the conveyor system and the hazards Associated with its use such as the danger that could arise from overloading the Conveyor, wearing loose items of clothing or allowing long hair to hang loose;

  • Using a Signal to warn workers that the conveyor is about to be put into operation;
  • Ensuring Maintenance and servicing work is carried out only by authorized personnel and that The power supply to the conveyor is disconnected or locked off before the start of the Work and encouraging workers to report unsafe practices to the supervisor.

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