The Criteria When Selecting A Contractor

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Fortunately, a contractor who works well and meets the client‟s requirements in terms of the quality and timeliness of the work is likely also to have a better than average health and safety performance.

Cost, of course, will have to be part of the judgement but may not provide any indication of which contractor is likely to give the best performance in health and safety terms.

In deciding which contractor should be chosen for a task, the following should be considered:

  • Do they have an adequate health and safety policy?
  • Can they demonstrate that the person responsible for the work is competent?
  • Can they demonstrate that competent safety advice will be available?
  • Do they monitor the level of accidents at their work site?
  • Do they have a system to assess the hazards of a job and implement appropriate control measures?
  • Will they produce a method statement, which sets out how they will deal with all significant risks?
  • Do they have guidance on health and safety arrangements and procedures to be followed?
  • Do they have effective monitoring arrangements?
  • Do they use trained and skilled staff who are qualified where appropriate? (Judgement will be required, as many construction workers have had little or no training except training on the )?
  • Can the company demonstrate that the employees or other workers used for the job have had the appropriate training and are properly experienced and, where appropriate, qualified?
  • Can they produce good references indicating satisfactory performance?

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