Daily Work Site Checklist of Tower Crane Operations

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Daily Work Site Checklist of Tower Crane Operations 

  1. Crane Checklist

This checklist is meant for use by persons conducting daily work site safety inspections of crane 

operations. This checklist is not intended for setup or placement of cranes, nor is it intended to 

provide a comprehensive safety evaluation of all crane operations. 

  1. General

(1) Is there a designated competent person? 

(2) Is the crane clear of any overhead electrical lines? 

(3) Is the crane blocked, or otherwise secured, and barricaded to keep unauthorized personnel 

out of the area? 

(4) Are workers prohibited from riding the load? 

  1. Safety Information and Features

(1) Are the load rating chart and other warnings and instructions secured to the crane and 

accessible to the operator? 

(2) Are all lifts performed within the stated capacity of the crane and rigging? 

(3) Is there a fire extinguisher in the cab? 

(4) Is there a functioning audible warning device on board? 

(5) Are the foot walks capable of supporting a worker, and are there standard handrails and 

toeboards present? 

(6) Is the cab equipped with locks and seatbelts? 

(7) Is the crane equipped with boom stops and jib boom stops? 

(8) Are exposed moving parts, including gears, shafts, and sprockets guarded? 

(9) Is the crane operator receiving signals from only one designated signal man? 

(10) Is the signal man in sight of the operator at all times during lifts? 

  1. Condition of Equipment

(1) Are the main boom, jib boom, or boom extensions free of any evidence of cracks, corrosion, 

or other degradation? 

(2) Is the rigging equipment in good condition? 

(3) Are the rung ropes free of distortion, birdcaging, corrosion, or broken or cut strands? 

(4) Has the crane been inspected within the last year?Comments:

(Describe any “no” responses noted above and corrective action taken.) 

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