Definition Of Accident, Near Miss and Dangerous Occurrence

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Definition Of Accident, Near Miss, Incident and Dangerous Occurrence 

What is Accident?


  • Unplanned,
  • Undesired

Event  resulting in

  • Loss,
  • Death
  • Injury to People or
  • Damage to Equipment Or Plant

 Is Called Accident.

What is Near Miss?

A Near Miss can be described as an incident that results in no injury or damage, but which had the potential to do so.

What is Incident?

An incident can be described as an undesired event that has caused or could have caused damage, death, injury or ill health

What is Dangerous Occurrence?

A Dangerous Occurrence is defined as a “near miss” that would have led to a major injury or death if it had affected a person is called Dangerous Occurrence

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