The Difference Between Proactive And Re-Active Monitoring

The Difference Between Proactive And Re-Active Monitoring

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Explain the difference between Proactive and Re-active monitoring and give an example of each.

Proactive monitoring which monitors the achievement of plans and the degree of compliance with standards before an Accident, Incident on Ill Health.

Reactive monitoring – monitors after accidents, ill health and incidents.

Examples for Proactive Monitoring:

  • Performance Reviews,
  • Review of training assessments, records and needs,
  • Workplace Inspections,
  • Management system audits
  • Safety Surveys

Examples for Reactive Monitoring:

  • Accident I Incidence Rates, ill
  • Ill Health incidence records and rate
  • Accident investigation reports
  • Accident frequency rates
  • Accident severity rates
  • Sickness and absence records

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