Factors To Be Considered To Reduce The Risks To Workers Required To Work Alone Away From The Workplace.

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Identify factors to be considered to reduce the risks to workers required to work alone away from the workplace.

The factor to be considered such as:

  • To identifying firstly the factors that would contribute to the potential risk such as the work to be done and its associated hazards and then went on to identify factors that might possibly reduce the level of risk such as the competence,

  • Training and suitability of the persons involved;
  • The provision of appropriate equipment and/or materials;
  • The provision of personal protective equipment such as eye and hearing protection;
  • Ensuring adequate means of communication with the home base and supervision to ensure that the correct working procedures were being followed;

  • Addressing both the question of security to counter the potential for violence and psychological factors such as working alone for long periods of time;
  • Ensuring adequate arrangements for travel and the provision of welfare facilities and emergency and first aid procedures.

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