Hazards Associated With The Use Of Battery-Powered Forklift Trucks & the Control Measures

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Hazards Associated With The Use Of Battery-Powered Forklift Trucks & the Control Measures

Outline the specific hazards associated with the use of battery-powered forklift trucks and state the precautions necessary in each case.

The hazards include that

  • Relating to battery charging leading to the generation of hydrogen gas which may be ignited by electrical arcing, causing explosion or fire. This calls for the provision of a dedicated charging station with adequate ventilation, free from ignition sources and well signed to warn persons of the potential danger.

  • There is also the possibility of employees being burned by battery acid when carrying out maintenance work on the truck so that they would need to be provided with and wear personal protective equipment such as gloves and eye protection.
  • The batteries themselves are heavy and consequently suitable lifting facilities and arrangements would have to be provided.
  • There is always the possibility of electric shock and burns through the shorting of battery leads and to protect against this possibility, adequate insulation, a correct connection procedure and the wearing of gloves would be needed.

  • Finally there are the hazards associated with the actual use of the trucks and the potential for collision with pedestrians since the trucks are virtually silent when running. This calls for the delineation of traffic routes, the wearing of high visibility clothing by pedestrians and the sounding of the truck’s warning device by drivers when personnel are being approached.

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