Immediate and Longer-Term Actions that Should be Taken Following an Accident at Work

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The Immediate And Longer-Term Actions That Should Be Taken Following An Accident At Work That Has Caused Serious Injury To A Worker

Immediate & Longer-Term Actions such as:

  • Isolating the scene of the accident and making the area safe;
  • Administering first aid treatment and contacting the emergency services;
  • Informing the next of kin and offering counseling and support;

  • Notifying the regulatory authority if appropriate and also the insurers;
  • Collecting initial evidence such as photographs and sketches and the names of witnesses;
  • Setting up the accident investigation team, investigating the accident, determining its root and underlying causes and preparing a report of the investigation;
  • Making and implementing recommendations to prevent a recurrence of the accident and ensuring feedback is provided to the workforce;
  • Collecting evidence to be used in any possible litigation following the accident and managing the provision of information to the media.

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