Why It Is Important That All Persons In An Organisation Are Aware Of Their Roles And Responsibilities For Health And Safety.

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Outline why it is important that all persons in an organisation are aware of their roles and responsibilities for health and safety.

Ensuring that all persons in an organisation are aware of their roles for health and safety will assist in defining their individual responsibilities and will indicate the commitment and leadership of senior management.

A clear delegation of duties will assist in sharing out the health and safety workload and will ensure contributions from different levels and jobs

Defining roles and responsibilities will help to set up clear lines of reporting and communication as well as assisting in defining individual competencies and training needs particularly for specific roles such as first aid and fire.

Finally, making individuals aware of their own roles and responsibilities will indicate to them that health and safety is seen as a core function of the job, will increase their motivation and help to improve the health and safety culture within the organization as a whole.

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