Indicators Of Management Commitment To Health And Safety In The Workplace

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Identify EIGHT Indicators Of Management Commitment To Health And Safety In The Workplace.

  1. An important indicator of management commitment to health and safety in the workplace is the part played by a senior manager in signing the health and safety policy and then,
  2. In ensuring that the policy is implemented and enforced;
  3. Sufficient resources such as finance, equipment;
  4. Provision of training are provided to support the implementation;
  5. Participation in monitoring procedures such as inspections and audits;
  6. Ensuring rapid implementation of any recommendations made from health and safety audits, meetings, investigations and/or initiatives;
  7. Personal observance of all safety rules such as wearing personal protective equipment and using pedestrian walkways;
  8. Participation in meetings of the safety committee and ensuring that health and safety is a regular agenda item in other meetings at all levels;
  9. Engaging in consultation with the workforce and welcoming employee feedback; and in,
  10. Initiating and being personally involved in the delivery of health and safety training courses,

This question is not usually well answered with many candidates identifying general safety management issues, rather than individual managers‟ participation and behaviour.

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