The Issues That Should Be Considered To Achieve Co-Operation And Co-Ordination Where Employers Share A Workplace

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The issues that should be considered to achieve cooperation and coordination in a shared workplace include:

  • The need for all employers to share information on the hazards and risk associated with their particular activity;
  • The maintenance of access and egress to the workplace and the control of access by visitors and others;
  • The maintenance and cleanliness of shared and public areas;
  • The control of vehicle movement in the workplace;
  • The preparation of procedures for dealing with serious or imminent danger and emergencies;
  • The appointment of key personnel with specific responsibility for matters such as fire and first aid;
  • The provision of joint first aid facilities;
  • The allocation of responsibility for environmental controls such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning;
  • The maintenance and cleanliness of welfare facilities; and
  • The provision of security arrangements to deal with unwelcome visitors and/or trespassers.

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