Key Elements Of A Health And Safety Management System (HSG 65)

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Outline the key elements of a health and safety management system (HSG 65)

HSG65 model – outline the six elements in the model,

Policy – which should be a clear statement of intent, setting out the main health and safety aims and objectives of the company and the commitment of management. Then,

Organising – for health and safety‟ which should ensure the allocation of responsibility to members of the workforce with the emphasis on achieving competency and control, together with effective systems for communication and consultation with the workforce. Then

Planning and implementing – that should involve the setting of standards and targets, the completion of hazard identification and risk assessments and the introduction of appropriate control measures. Then

Measuring and evaluating performance – would need to be put in place using proactive and reactive monitoring systems to provide data on the achievement or non-achievement of the objectives and targets set. Finally

Audit – should be carried out to check whether what was planned was actually taking place, and

Review – to consider options for improvement and to set new targets where necessary.

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