Meaning Of the Term Perception & the Ways In Which Worker’s Perception Of Hazard Might Be Improved

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  • Give the meaning of the term “Perception”.
  • Outline the ways in which workers’ perceptions of hazards in the workplace might be improved.

Part (a)

Perception – The way that people interpret and make sense of presented information, for instance in relation to their surroundings is called perception.

Part (b)

Ways to improve perception by:

  • Motivation or to the need to increase awareness in the individual by safety campaigns or posters and
  • By increasing knowledge by means of training.
  • Need to identify, perhaps by the use of surveys, the reasons for workers’ misperceptions in order to increase awareness and challenge currently held views.

  • Making hazards more obvious (for example, by the use of signs) and
  • Addressing environmental factors, such as lighting and noise, which might cause distraction or otherwise hinder the perceptual processes.

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