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Everyone who wants to start health & safety career needs to pass some health and safety courses in which ever most demanded course is NEBOSH IGC by NEBOSH UK. NEBOSH IGC is professional Certification of level 3 in UK and globally recognized certification in health & safety Job market. it will not wrong to say that NEBOSH IGC is employer’s first choice.

But to pass NEBOSH IGC is not a easy goal. Students need to enroll themselves through course providers of NEBOSH. The criteria they used to check is to ask a general question ‘ What is passing rate of NEBOSH IGC in your institution ?’ But this is not sensible question because passing rate changes in every session and diferrent for every paper.

Globally NEBOSH passing rate dropped dramatically in recent past years due to several reasons.

Remember NEBOSH IGC books are not only source of questions instead NEBOSH has stared to evaluate concepts of dtudents by adding scenarios in question. Nebosh asks questions from two sources

  • NEBOSH IGC Syllabus
  • General Knowledge

These two things are mixed now in recent questions bank.

Remember, if you really want to pass Nebosh exam, firstly you must need to be familiar with NEBOSH IGC syllabus contents,. After that second step is that you should be aware of the techniques and scenarios of questions in NEBOSH IGC exams.first part will be covered by NEBOSH IGC book but for second part is to go through all NEBOSH IGC Past papers.

Thirdly you should know how the NEBOSH examiners mark your papers and what are the mistakes students usually do in understanding questions and to give answers in NEBOSH IGC OR NEBOSH INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA exams. To help you out in this best solution is to go through NEBOSH examiner reports.

Some students consider NEBOSH Examiner reports as the solved papers but it is not so.

NEBOSH Examiner reports are basically the reports in which examiners after checking the papers,  comments that how students misunderstood or wrongly percieved the questions. NEBOSH examiner reports also highlights the points that the examiners require in the given answers.

People do search for NEBOSH past papers but they should know the difference between NEBOSH past papers and NEBOSH examiner reports. Remember NEBOSH past papers just contain question bank that can be used to evaluate understanding or to do practice with that and to complete the paper in given time. But understanding of the questions is a biggest challenge because NEBOSH Examiner’s comments are very useful as one can see the question from their point of view. Like once in NEBOSH examiner report there was a comment that student doesn’t answer the question that are set by the examiners instead they answer the questions which they wanted to be set.

So either you choose ‘NEBOSH past papers download’ or NEBOSH Examiner reports download’ one should know the clear difference in both similarly ‘NEBOSH IGC Examiner reports download are equally useful in preparation of NEBOSH International Diploma as questions can come from these. But for the students of NEBOSH IGC if someone use option ‘NEBOSH INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA Download’ then it will be wrong choice for him.

NEBOSH Past papers can be easily downloaded from different websites and is right choice as is focusing to collect the latest past papers as there is also big difference in old papers and latest papers.

Remember to pass with old NEBOSH past papers can be now considered as myth because in latest NEBOSH Exams questions cannot be answered without understanding of concepts.

NEBOSH Examiner reports can help in understanding and interpreting  the questions and scenarios so that one can answer correctly.

NEBOSH Examiner reports are equally useful for NEBOSH IGC students and NEBOSH International Diploma students.

The more practice one will do with NEBOSH IGC examiner reports or NEBOSH International Diploma examiner reports, more will be the chances of passing exam. Here we tried to gather some NEBOSH IGC examiner reports for NEBOSH IGC students and similarly NEBOSH International Diploma examiner reports for the NEBOSH International Diploma students.

Though NEBOSH is going to be smarter day by day and in recent NEBOSH examiner reports they try to refer to the topics in NEBOSH IGC Books or NID Books instead of writing required points in answer but NEBOSH can not remove the old NEBOSH Examiner reports. As far as course remains same and that is obvious old examiner reports are still useful but a student should get the points only for concepts instead of memorizing that word by word.

Here it is also necessary to avoid the NEBOSH notes available at different sites as all of those are very old now and of no use.

NEBOSH IGC pdf books should be downloaded and then try to use CTRL+F for following words throughout the book so that these places can not be ignored. List of words are

  • Limitations
  • Merit
  • Benefits
  • reasons
  • purpose
  • factors
  • consider
  • steps
  • causes

Remember these searches of book give the students chance to focus on special areas which can be ignored other way. But for that one should have soft copy of these NEBOSH IGC OR NEBOSH Diploma BOOKS.

Also choose the Books those are concise and short and avoid detailed book because Range of points are better than excessive detail of a single point.

Students should focus on SMART working instead of Hard working and will continuously update you with more interesting smart techniques and useful resources to play role in your success. For More Info Click Here

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