How The Organizations Could Work Together To Help Ensure The Workplace Is Safe And Healthy

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Two organizations share the same worksite.

Outline how the organizations could work together to help ensure the workplace is safe and healthy.

In order to ensure a safe and healthy, the two organisations could:

  • Hold regular meetings of their managers;
  • Share information and risk assessments in order to avoid carrying out incompatible processes and activities and using incompatible substances;

  • Prepare and agree joint site rules for the workplace for example for assembly points and smoking areas;
  • Set up joint procedures for the management of visitors and contractors;
  • Agree on procedures for the management of traffic and the movement of vehicles;
  • Carry out joint inspections investigations and monitoring of the workplace;
  • Draw up joint emergency procedures and introduce fire drills for the work site as a whole;
  • Agree a policy for the management of waste and introduce joint safety committees and worker representatives.

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