Possible Consequences to Workers & Possible Costs to an Organization Resulting From an Accident at Work

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Possible Consequences to workers & Possible Costs to an Organization Resulting From an Accident at Work   

  1. Identify possible consequences to workers injured in an accident at work.
  2. Identify possible costs to an organisation resulting from an accident at work.
  3. Outline the actions, management may take to prevent similar accidents.

Part (1)

Possible consequences to a worker injured in a workplace accident include

  • Pain and suffering and even disability or death with its resultant impact on family life;
  • Loss of earnings and future earning capacity following time off work and even loss of current employment;
  • Medical expenses and
  • Loss of confidence and motivation giving rise to social and psychological problems.

Part (2)

Possible costs to an organisation resulting from an accident at work include:

  • Costs associated with lost production and damage to products;
  • The need to pay the injured worker during their absence and to fund a temporary replacement with the need for additional training;
  • Repair of damaged plant and equipment and the cost of clean-up;
  • Investigation and remedial action and the additional administration incurred;
  • An increase in insurance premiums;
  • Fines and compensation awarded, and court and other legal representation costs; and
  • Intangible costs arising from a loss of business image and the detrimental effect on worker morale resulting in reduced productivity.

Part (3)

In order to prevent similar accidents, management could take actions such as:

  • Carrying out a comprehensive investigation and communicating its findings to the workforce;
  • Reviewing the health and safety policy together with existing risk assessments and control measures;
  • Introducing a programme of regular inspections and monitoring, a more effective standard of supervision and disciplinary action for nonconformance with set procedures;
  • Consulting on a regular basis with the workers and
  • Introducing a programme of refresher training not only on the operation of plant and equipment but also on general health and safety awareness.

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