Possible Work-Related Causes Of Increased Stress Levels Amongst Employees.

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Other Than Those Associated With The Physical Environment, Outline EIGHT Possible Work-Related Causes Of Increased Stress Levels Amongst Employees.

The possible causes of increased stress levels can be divided into those relating to the job or task, those relating to workplace interactions and those which might be classed as external.

Job factors Include:

  • Work load or patterns such as shift work, unsocial hours or excessive overtime; repetitive or monotonous work;
  • Lack of control either over the way the work is done or when breaks might be taken;

  • A lack of understanding of the requirements of the job with no information or training given to employees and no indication of where they should go for help or support;
  • Job insecurity and the fear of redundancy particularly at times of organisational

Workplace interactions involve such issues as:

The level of supervision provided which might be oppressive or insufficient, harassment,

  • Bullying,
  • Discrimination,
  • Fear of violence,
  • Poor communication with work

There are also a range of external personal and social factors such as:

  • Illness,
  • Financial worries,
  • Family commitments

These could increase an employee’s level of stress at work, even if some may not be directly work related.

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