A Range Of Health And Safety Targets That May Be Included In The ‘Statement Of Intent’ Section Of A Health And Safety Policy.

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Identify a range of health and safety targets that may be included in the ‘statement of intent’ section of a health and safety policy.

Targets that might be included in the statement of intent section of a health and safety policy could include such targets as

  • Compliance by the organisation with the requirements of relevant legislation;
  • A reduction in the number of accidents and cases of ill-health;
  • The completion of an assessment of all risks in the workplace and its review within a defined time scale;

  • The provision to all workers of the necessary information, instruction and training to ensure their competence;
  • The maintenance of exposure levels below defined limits;
  • Full consultation with the workforce on health and safety issues;
  • The provision of sufficient resources to secure the above targets;
  • Increasing the number of trainings delivered related to health and safety.

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