Reasons Why PPE Should Be Considered Only After Other Control Measures

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Give Reasons Why PPE Should Be Considered Only After Other Control Measures  

There are numerous reasons why personal protective equipment Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) should be considered only after other possibilities have been exhausted.

Importantly, in accordance with legal requirements and those of international and national standards, the hierarchy of controls should be applied before PPE is used as a last resort if only because the latter does not remove the hazard.

Additionally, PPE may not provide adequate protection because of such factors as poor selection, poor fit because of facial features such as beards, incompatibility with other types of PPE, contamination, and misuse or non-use by workers.

Again, PPE is likely to be uncomfortable and relies for its effectiveness on a conscious action by the user which raises issues such as training and supervision and

there are cost factors involved in its use such as those arising from its initial supply and its subsequent maintenance, cleaning and eventual replacement.

In certain circumstances, its use can actually create additional risks, for instance, impaired vision with warning sounds masked by the use of hearing protection

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