SIX Categories Of Persons Who May Be Shown In The ‘Organization’ Section Of A Health And Safety Policy

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Identify SIX categories of persons who may be shown in the ‘organization’ section of a health and safety policy document AND state their likely general or specific health and safety responsibilities.

  1. Directors and senior managers (responsible for setting policy, objectives and targets;
  2. Supervisors (responsible for checking day-to-day compliance with the policy;
  3. Safety advisers (responsible for giving advice during accident investigations and on compliance issues;
  4. Other specialist, such as an occupational nurse, chemical analyst and an electrician (responsible for giving specialist advice on particular health and safety issues;
  5. Safety representatives (responsible for representing employees during consultation meetings on health and safety issues with the employer;
  6. Employees (responsible for taking reasonable care of the health and safety of themselves and others who may be affected by their acts or omissions;
  7. Fire marshals (responsible for the safe evacuation of the building in an emergency;
  8. First aiders (responsible for administering first aid to injured persons;

For smaller organizations, some of the specialists mentioned above may well be employed on a consultancy basis.

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