Sources Of Published Information That May Be Consulted When Dealing With A Health And Safety Problem At Work.

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Outline the sources of published information that may be consulted when dealing with a health and safety problem at work.

The sources of this information may be internal to the organization and/or external to it.

Internal sources, which should be available within the organization include:

  • Accident and ill-health records and investigation reports
  • Absentee records
  • Inspection and audit reports undertaken by the organization and by external organizations such as the HSE
  • Maintenance, risk assessment (including COSHH) and training records
  • Documents which provide information to workers
  • Any equipment examination or test reports.

External sources, which are available outside the organization, are numerous and include:

  • Health and safety legislation
  • HSC/HSE publications, such as approved codes of practice, guidance documents, leaflets, journals, books
  • and their website
  • International (e.g. ILO), European and British standards
  • Health and safety magazines and journals

  • Information published by trade associations, employer organizations and trade unions
  • Specialist technical and legal publications
  • Information and data from manufacturers and suppliers
  • The internet and encyclopedias.

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