Typical Issued Included In The Arrangement Section Of The Health & Safety Policy

Typical Issued Included In The Arrangement Section Of The Health And Safety Policy

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Outline the typical issued included in the arrangement section of the Health and safety policy

The arrangements section of the health and safety policy document should state how the organisation, through the responsibilities of the people identified in the organisation section, will carry out the general intentions given in the statement.

This is the most company-specific part of the policy and should have details of procedures for controlling risks identified by the risk assessments.

Arrangements and procedures will control the significant risks identified in the risk assessments, which can involve any combination of:

  1. Inspection Regimes
  2. Maintenance Arrangements
  3. Operating Procedures
  4. Training, supervision or monitoring procedures which are needed to control an identified
  5. Risk Assessments
  6. Safe System Of Work
  7. Emergency Arrangements – Fire / First Aid – Accident / Spillages
  8. Training – Analysis, Programs, Tool Box Talks
  9. Permits To Work
  10. Statistic Gathering
  11. Accident / Incident Investigation
  12. Accident Reporting
  13. Safety Committee Protocols – Structure, Constitution
  14. Controlling Exposure to Workplace Hazards
  15. Health Monitoring

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