Use Of Engineering Control to Reduce the Noise In The Workplace

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Use Of Engineering Control to Reduce the Noise In The Workplace.

Types of engineering control that might be used to reduce noise in the workplace such as:

  • Changing the process, for example, using screws instead of rivets or substituting a machine with a diesel engine with one which was electrically driven;
  • Providing sound proof enclosures such as a hood for a printer;

  • Controlling vibration by the use of resilient machinery mounts and flexible pipes;
  • Damping by changing a material being used such as plastic instead of glass;
  • Noise absorption by the use of acoustic absorbing ceiling baffles and screens;
  • Using silencers to reduce sound energy emitted from exhaust pipes; and
  • Introducing a program of planned maintenance which would include lubrication of moving parts of machinery.
  • Use of appropriate personal protective equipment and safe systems of work

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