Why A Verbal Instruction May Not Be Clearly Understood By A Site Operative

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Give reasons why a verbal instruction may not be clearly understood by a site operative.

Reasons should include:

  • Noise and distractions may mean that persons are unable to clearly hear what is being said
  • Use of technical jargon may mean that people mis-understand the information being communicated
  • Complexity of information sometimes meets with the information receivers turning their minds off and not listening as they do not understand what is trying to be communicated

  • Communication is ambiguous
  • Language / dialect barriers is a big problem in some regions, both from the communicator or the receiver, sometimes the same words have different meanings or implications
  • Sensory impairment for example a receiver having a hearing deficiency or the communicator having a serious stammer
  • Mental difficulty may mean the receiver is not capable of absorbing information to any extent
  • Lack of attention by persons clearly not interested in the topic

  • Inexperience of persons not used to having to receive information at work i.e. young workers
  • Lengthy communication chains may be a problem if translations are required covering several languages – sometimes a problem in the Middle East for example.

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