Ways In Which The Health And Safety Culture Of An Organization Might Be Improved

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Outline ways in which the health and safety culture of an organization might be improved.

Health and safety ways such as, for example,

  • Preparing and implementing a policy supported by effective systems for the management of health and safety;
  • Securing the commitment of management and ensuring that they led by example;
  • Consulting with and involving workers on matters affecting their health and safety and providing effective supervision and training.

  • Other ways such as the organisation being seen to give equal priority to health and safety issues as other business objectives such as production and quality;
  • Introducing and fostering a no blame culture;
  • Being seen to be consistent in their management decisions and giving serious attention to any complaints made by workers with respect to matters of health and safety;

  • Employing a person able to supply information on health and safety matters and procedures in different languages;
  • Providing a pleasant working environment with good welfare facilities and introducing incentive schemes to increase employee interest and involvement.

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