Our Mission & Vision

  • Is to create a colorful and safe world.
  • To Create Safe and Secure approach and assure 100% Safe Zone Environment.
  • Our applicants should be unique from others in terms of the way we train them in their profession, creative thinking, implementation & career.
  • Customers and Clients will seek our services due to our unique performance, goodwill and reputation.
  • To alert, save and protect our environment & everyone should be benefitted through the safety training.
  • Whatever the applicant studied / trained should be implemented in the workplace to attain the highest performance facility.
  • To increase a long term and optimistic association with our Clients.
  • Our vision is to be the partner of choice for health, safety, environmental and food risk management.
  • Accident free environment.
  • We Strive to achieve by providing a safe working and operating accident free environments.
  • Our vision is to educate each and every individual to handle hazardous situations / circumstances in their routines.
  • Positive relationship with our Clients and Customers.

Who We Are

  • We are a highly and globally accredited QHSE training, auditing & consultancy organization and aiming to improve the quality of the workplace, the working professionals and the contributions they make to their organizations.
  • EDCONS Institute is supported by a highly qualified, experienced team with exceptional Safety educational backgrounds and expertise from Oil field, Construction, Engineering etc….
  • EDCONS is an international leader in workplace health, safety and the environment, offering high quality, cost-effective training and consultancy services to individuals and organizations across all industries.
  • We put the needs of our client’s first ­ by providing straightforward advice and tailored learning programmers combined with excellent customer service.

EDCONS Competitive edge

  • Lowest cost services
  • Total satisfaction guarantees through superior results
  • Superior safety project Training
  • Flexibility and scalability for safety project requirements
  • Internationally-recognized safety courses and the most current in safety education

What Makes us Different ?

  • Our business is based on three core values for all our interactions:
    –   Trust
    –   Reliability
    –   Innovation
    –   Respect & Recognition Integrity & Intelligence
    –   Dignity & Determination
    –   Excellence with Enthusiasm
    With these values we make it our job to listen, respond and keep our promises. We will tell it how it is, simply, clearly and honestly; we’ll come to the table with forward thinking and fresh ideas. And because relationships with our customers and with each other are important to us, we will always be open.
  • Everyone Expects Startup and Career Growth in their life….isn’t it?…. EDCONS is the Only Solution in Safety Industry.
  • We aim to the maximum standards of ethical performance.
  • Qualified, Efficient and Experienced Trainers from Industry with International Practical Exposures.
  • Daily Mock session conducted to improvise knowledge.
  • Upgrade and Updates on personal and professional development in HSE field.
  • Our Training provides the student or individual be creative, interactive, communicable, flexible and engaging style which develops knowledge and understanding.
  • Perfectly categorize and recognize the output & skill gaps with our clients.
  • We take the training feedback from both trainers and candidates to improve the strategy of constant upgrading.
  • Phone and Email support to the delegates after the completion of the course and exam.
  • Our response is always quick when challenges arise and do everything in our control to conquer them.